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Cloud managed networks & integrated security

WiFi, Firewalls, SD WAN, BYOD & more

Cisco Meraki offers a portfolio of cloud-managed solutions designed to work together to deliver a powerful, easy-to-manage network. This unique approach to IT aims to simplify powerful technology by reducing the overhead and costs associated with maintaining disparate solutions.



Crush Deep & Dark Web threats to your organisation

  • Is your organisations data for sale on the web?
  • Are you being targeted in a phishing campaign?
  • Have fake domains been registered that look similar to your organisations domain?
  • Are there fake social media pages about your organisation?

These traditionally have been difficult questions to answer - until now.

With Intsights, you get real time intelligence on these types of threats, and the ability to remove them as a threat - e.g. take down the domain, remove the social media pages etc. all at the click of the "Remediate" button - the Intsights team will do the rest.

The Intsights dashboard give you visibility of targeted threats against you in realtime


Threat Management & Incident Response at your fingertips

ObserveIT gives you video playback of every users session whilst they were logged on. It is a lightweight endpoint solution that empowers organisations to precisely identify and proactively protect against malicious and negligent behaviour of everyday users, privileged users and remote vendors.


Summary of Services


Penetration Testing Services


  • Web Application penetration testing

  • External and internal penetration testing

  • Wifi penetration testing

  • Firewall Rulebase Analysis & Review

  • Security Infrastructure Assessments

Intsights Deep & Dark Web Threat Management

  • Let the Intsights Clean, Deep & Dark Web scanning solution find your external threats in realtime
  • Get alerts on threats, leaked information, fake domains etc. in your customised dashboard
  • Let the Intsights team eliminate these threats for you 
  • No internal implementation - a Cloud solution with the dashboard delivered via a browser

Insider Threat Management


  • Quickly investigate and see the full story of what happened before, during and after an incident with the ObserveIT Insider Threat Management tool

  • ObserveIT monitors and records all user activity on Windows and Unix/Linux servers and desktops. Playing back a user session shows exactly what occurred on screen during the session - reducing investigations to under 10 minutes per incident



Professional Services  

  • IT security engineering, consulting & architecture
  • IT security project & program management


Staff Augmentation

  • Source and consume IT resources on demand

  • Enable agile resource 'surging' for urgent project delivery

  • Fixed Price or Time & Materials engagement models

  • Convert our resources to permanent staff if needed at a fraction of the normal cost



  • With over a decade of experience in hiring highly sought after IT Security resources, we can find the right resource for your business