Threat Management & Incident Response


ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that empowers organisations to precisely identify and proactively protect against malicious and negligent behaviour of everyday users, privileged users and remote vendors. It significantly reduces security incidents by changing user behaviour through real-time education and deterrence coupled with full-screen video capture of security policy violations. This cuts investigation time from days sifting through logs to minutes of playing back video. ObserveIT is trusted by over 1,400 customers in 87 countries across all verticals.

The biggest security problem today is people. Insiders are responsible for 90% of security incidents, according to the 2015 Verizon DBIR Report. Organisations need to manage security risk from vendors, privileged users and high-risk users. By capturing video playback of policy violations and comprehensive metadata related to what people are doing, you can easily search and see what happened without translating logs or investigating across multiple systems.


Visualise User Actions

Now you can have video capture of incidents such as file copying, mass printing, and visiting prohibited websites.  The activities are scored prioritised based on the amount of risk so your team knows which activities to look at, and have irrefutable video evidence of security violations.


ObserveIT - Key Features

Session Recording

ObserveIT monitors and records all user activity on Windows and Unix/Linux servers and desktops. See exactly what occurred on screen during the session - reducing investigations to under 10 minutes per incident.


Behaviour Management

Through real-time on-screen notifications, ObserveIT is able to warn users of activities that put the business at risk while educating them on alternatives that are secure and compliant with company policy. Changing user behavior significantly reduces the number of overall security incidents.                                                                                                                                                              


With full visibility into user actions within any application, ObserveIT is able to precisely detect out-of-policy behaviour and alert on malicious and unintentional risky behaviour.                                                


Shared Account Identification

ObserveIT’s built-in privileged user identification solution ensures unambiguous identification of individual users who are using shared accounts. After logging in to a Windows or xNix server using a shared account, ObserveIT will not allow the login process to proceed without valid credentials that tie to an identifiable AD account.

Risk Dashboards

User risk scoring prioritises the highest-risk users and creates a profile of their recent behaviour, application usage, and risk indicators.                                                                                                                                                   


Privacy Protections

ObserveIT adheres to government privacy regulations by offering optional 4 eyes (dual password) session playback privacy protection. Session video recordings can only be played back with two independent passwords: one belonging to an ObserveIT administrator and the second to an employee representative.                                                




Observe IT - The solution


Third Party/Vendor Monitoring

  • Directly minimise the risks associated with vendor activity across your enterprise.

    Hold your vendors accountable and avoid unnecessary activity. With Third Party Monitoring, it is simple to see ( and prove ) exactly how vendors have spent their time working on company servers. This eliminates” who did that?” doubts, confirms SLA agreements and eases vendor billing verification.                                                                                                                                                                              

Privileged User Monitoring

  • Get user audit trails of everything that happens on sensitive servers.

    Privileged Session Recording makes it easy to monitor privileged users to detect leaks of sensitive and regulated information, because every privileged user action is monitored and analysed to in real-time. ObserveIT provides screen-recording technology to capture all user behaviour, regardless of the environment. Beyond providing video recordings into metadata that can be easily searched, analysed, audited and acted upon.

Employee Monitoring  

  • Detect abnormal behaviour within core apps with our employee monitoring software.

    ObserveIT's employee monitoring provides visibility into all user activity within any user session, whether they are performed through remote access or console access, and on most operating systems spanning all version of windows, Linux and UNIX.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Audit & Compliance

  • Meet monitoring requirements for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC, FFIEC, FISMA, and FERPA.

    With detailed logs and visual recordings of all user activity, ObserveIT exceeds the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements with conclusive evidence for auditors. Audit reports can be completed in a fraction of the time, with the ability to instantly search, analyze, and view the actual video-like playback of the pinpointed session. Ultimately every compliance violation can be traced back to the specific actions of a particular user; an employee, contractor or remote vendor involved in the collection, storage and transmission of highly-sensitive information.

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